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Nanomagnetism: an ally in the struggle against cancer

Magnetic hyperthermia, an area of applied and interdisciplinary physics that brings progress on the potential uses of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedical research.


Potsdam University will cooperate with the Ministry in the management of disaster risk

Science portfolio authorities welcomed representatives from the German higher education institution to advance in cooperation issues aimed at improving the access to scientific information under potential disaster risk scenarios.


Barañao delivered a lecture at Harvard and signed a cooperation agreement in Computer Science

The Minister of Science closed today the official mission at the recognized university in the United States with a talk on scientific and technological policy in Argentina.

Funding | Call in Assessment

Semilla CUAA 2014 Call

The Binational Programme to Strengthen Argentine -German Interuniversity Networks of the Argentine German University Center (CUAA - DAHZ) opened the call for inter-university partnership projects between Argentine and German universities for the creation of binational dual degrees and postgraduate degrees.

Funding | Open Call

I.DEAR CUAA 2014 Call

The bilateral programme of funding from the Argentine - German University Center (CUAA - DAHZ) opens the call for submission of application forms to exchange projects for engineering undergraduate degrees in Argentina and degree or master degree in Germany.tion.

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CUAA - Centro Universitario Argentino - Alemán

This funding instrument seeks to strengthen the cooperation process between Argentine and German institutions promoting binational academic careers.