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Stem cells: patient organizations create a network against misleading treatments

The Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Advisory Commission of the Ministry of Science on its own initiative created a network to prevent patients from becoming victims of unapproved treatments.


Ophthalmology and Pediatric Associations condemned the offer of stem cell treatments

A statement against therapies offered in Argentina and abroad which failed the experimental stage was signed.


Stem cells: information for visitors in Tecnópolis and our new web site

A new web site, developed by the ministry of Science, compiles all available information on regenerative medicine and cellular therapies. Moreover, a stand in Tecnópolis offers information to visitors.


Daily Event to Increase Awareness of Stem Cells

Specialists, researchers, and associations of patients analyzed scientific, medical, and ethical concepts about treatments.

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Uses, conservation and possibilities of stem cells

The field of research with stem cells is a promising area within the field of reconstructive and regenerative medicine. However, its development is still in an experimental phase in many of its potential applications. For this reason, the Committee plays a key role to respond to this matter.

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The ten most relevant aspects of stem cell treatments

Many of the clinics that nowadays offer stem cell treatments make claims that are not supported by science. This document corrects some of the misinfo...

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Types of Stem Cells

This document provides information on the various types of stem cells....

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The FDA warns against statements about stem cells

The FDA - Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. A.- alerts consumers about stem cell treatments....

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About the dissemination of stem cell treatments (2)

The Argentinean Neurological Society, the Argentinean Society of Child Neurology and the Advisory Commission on Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medici...

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About the dissemination of stem cell treatments (1)

The Advisory Commission on Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine with the Argentinean Society of Cardiology warned about the recent appearance of a...