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International Conference on Open Source Software

The main references of the sector met to discuss the current situation and propose the opportunities and challenges ahead with the attendance of a large audience.


Funding lines aimed at the software sector and the ICT industry

Lines of subsidies and credits were presented aimed at software projects and technology and communication information provided by the Ministry of Science, through the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion.

Sample Cases | Metropolitan Region

Software applied to programming of Robots

Robot Group, a national company engaged in educational robotics since 2000 has been working for many years to develop a software platform to program robots easily and fast.

Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Non-Refundable Contributions (ANR)

Non-refundable Contributions (ANR) is an instrument from the Trust Fund for Promotion of the Software Industry (FONSOFT) used to co-fund technological innovation projects carried out by micro, small and medium-sized companies by means of subsidies that cover a percentage of their project cost. 

Financing tools | Human Resources

FONSOFT Scholarships

FONSOFT Scholarships is an instrument of the Trust Fund for the Promotion of the Software Industry (FONSOFT) to fund Project Ideas for Innovation and Development of Products, Services, Systems or Solutions on Information Technology, to award scholarships pursuing postgraduate degrees.

Publications | Reports

Software and IT service companies receiving funding instruments of the FONTAR and FONSOFT

This report contains the main results of the study on companies producing software and IT services in Argentina conducted by the National Directorate ...

Financing tools | Entrepreneurship

Exporta Credits

Exporta Credits is a tool of the Trust Fund for the Promotion of the Software Industry (FONSOFT) aimed at granting credits to initiate and consolidate export activities of Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs) dedicated to software production.

Legislation | Decree

Decree 1594

Approval of the regulations of the Law on the Promotion of the Software Industry (Law No. 25,922).

Legislation | Law

Law 25856

It states that the software production activity should be considered as a productive activity comparable to transform an industrial activity, the effects of perceived tax benefits, credit and otherwise.

Financing tools | Entrepreneurship

Subsidies to Entrepreneurs

Subsidies to Entrepreneurs is a tool of the Trust Fund for the Promotion of the Software Industry (FONSOFT) which provides partial funding for Projects of Development of Software Products and Computer Services.