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Innovative solutions to federal complaints

As a result of a need raised by producers in La Pampa, a specialist in technological connections of the Ministry of Science contacted an industrial designer from Córdoba, who devised a portable bush extractor, a development that will help improve livestock productivity in La Pampa in a sustainable and low-cost way.


3D printing will allow the customized design of food

It is stated in a study of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence conducted by the Ministry of Science and Arcor to gather information about the state-of –the-art of such technology in relation to food production.


Science provides funding for water access project

The initiative will be developed between the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, the National University of Quilmes and supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Total cost of the project is $ 6,605,000.

Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Regional Technological Innovation Fund (FTIR)

The Regional Technological Innovation Funds (FTIR) are the central instrument of Argentine Sector Fund (FONARSEC) to support the innovation generation and the capabilities to innovate which are critical to the development of sectors and targeted strategic socio-productive cores (NSPE).

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0152

Creation of the Social Development Sector Technology (CTS-Social).