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Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

An inter-party productive circuit to build Alamo wood houses strengthens productivity in Villa Paranacito

The initiative promotes the building of houses of alamo wood to strengthen the productivity of the area. In Villa Paranacito, province of Entre Ríos, five houses were built which received the certificate of technical aptitude and were delivered to low income families of the area.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0104

Convocatoria de Proyectos Tecnología para la Inclusión Social 2013.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0609

Creation of the Council Programme of the Social Actors Demand (PROCODAS)

Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Subsidies for Awarding Supplementary Projects

Subsidies for awarding Supplementary Projects is an instrument from the Council Programme of Social Actors Demand (PROCODAS), aiming at solving mainly specific technological demands from social or productive areas.

Publications | Reports

Scientific Cultures and Technological Alternatives. First International Meeting

This publication compiles the papers of the First International Meeting of Scientific Cultures and Technological Alternatives, organized by the Observ...