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Technological marketing conferences

The conference addressed to research and development institutions finished. During this meeting, policies, tools and best practices for the marketing of goods and services with high added value. were analyzed


Innovative solutions to federal complaints

As a result of a need raised by producers in La Pampa, a specialist in technological connections of the Ministry of Science contacted an industrial designer from Córdoba, who devised a portable bush extractor, a development that will help improve livestock productivity in La Pampa in a sustainable and low-cost way.


Communication mechanisms discovered in prehistoric birds

CONICET Researchers presented the most antique known fossils of the vocal apparatus of birds at the Cultural Centre of Science (C3). Their findings were published in the journal named ‘Nature’.


With more than 1,200 activities, the National Week of Science, Technology and Scientific Art begins

As from Monday 12 and until September 23, both children and adults will be able to participate in free and open-to-the-public scientific and recreational proposals in different parts of the country


Nanomagnetism: an ally in the struggle against cancer

Magnetic hyperthermia, an area of applied and interdisciplinary physics that brings progress on the potential uses of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedical research.


Diagnosis campaign for people with rare and less frequent diseases

The Ministry finances a public-private consortium analysing free of charge the genome in patients with a tendency towards this condition. These 100 Exomes, is an initiative seeking to create scientific & medical awareness in the treatment of illnesses that affect 3.2 million people in Argentina.


Hugo Gramajo: "It is possible to use bacteria as small factories of bio-lubricants"

The researcher was awarded the Jorge Sabato 2015 prize for his work with genetically modified bacteria for sustainable production of compounds of biotechnological interest.


The Ministry of Science promotes the development of oncological immunotherapies

Dr. Lino Barañao, the head of the portfolio, attended the signing of a patent FIL-CONICET license agreement between INIS Biotech and a private laboratory for the development of immunotherapies for cancer treatment.


The Ministry of Science finances design partnership projects

The initiative is aimed at fostering the integration of design as a strategic element for innovation and management. Projects can be submitted up to June 10, 2016.


Three scientists won honors for their contributions in materials sciences

Adriana Serquis, Silvia Ceré and María Luján Ferreira were honored at the new edition of the L’Oréal UNESCO “For Women in Science” award.