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The "Nanotechnologists for a Day" contest launched its fourth edition

This year the contest offers new alternatives to participate to secondary students across the country to have an approach to nanotechnology.


Barañao ended his visit to France with the signing of a letter of intent on nanotechnology

He also held a meeting with the French Minister of Higher Education and Research, Geneviève Fioraso, and he met with Argentine scientists living abroad.

Actions | International Cooperation

CAMeN - Argentine-Mexican Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center

This center aims to promote the exchange and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in the area, contribute to the training and development of human resources in both countries and generate knowledge through the development and implementation of research and development projects.

Actions | International Cooperation

ASACEN - Argentine-South African Nanotechnology Center

This center seeks to develop and implement research and development (R&D) projects aimed at generating knowledge in nanotechnology products and processes, and support laboratories in achieving economic and/or social development for both countries. It also promotes the exchange and transfer of science and technology knowledge, human resources, training and education in both countries.

Actions | International Cooperation

CCAFST - Argentine-Chinese Center in Food Science and Technology

The center seeks to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Argentina and China in the field of food science and technology, with special emphasis on the development of agrifood, biotechnology, nanotechnology, industry with high level of education, sustainable production and energy.


Nanomercosur 2013 "Nanotechnology for industrial competitiveness” finished

With over 900 attendants, the regional event provided an overview of the industry and established itself as the forum for discussion and promotion of the latest results in the development and transfer of micro and nanotechnologies.


Nanomercosur 2013 “Nanotechnology for industrial competitiveness” continues.

The regional meeting brings together until this Thursday Argentine and foreign specialists in application and development of nanotechnology. In this context, prizes were awarded to students, researchers, business people and entrepreneurs.


Barañao Officially Opened Nanomercosur 2013 “Nanotechnology for Industrial Competitiveness”

The Minister of Science, after a tour round the exhibition of innovative projects of local companies, officially opened the regional meeting that gathers Argentinean and foreign specialist in nanotechnology application and development until next Thursday.

Dissemination | Prizes and Competitions

Nanotechnologists for one day

The Argentine Nanotechnology Foundation (FAN) organizes a national contest to encourage interest in nanotechnology in high schools across the country.

Publications | Reports

Cases of associativeness and innovation: Nanotechnology

Publication on cases of associativeness and innovation in nanotechnology, performed by the Department of Planning and Policies on Science, Technology ...