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Gabriel Rabinovich is admitted to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States

He was admitted for its valuable contributions and achievements in original investigations on cancer and immunological diseases.


Communication mechanisms discovered in prehistoric birds

CONICET Researchers presented the most antique known fossils of the vocal apparatus of birds at the Cultural Centre of Science (C3). Their findings were published in the journal named ‘Nature’.


With more than 1,200 activities, the National Week of Science, Technology and Scientific Art begins

As from Monday 12 and until September 23, both children and adults will be able to participate in free and open-to-the-public scientific and recreational proposals in different parts of the country


The Minister of Science met the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom

Dr. Lino Barañao, responsible for the scientific portfolio, received Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, the newly appointed ambassador to the United Kingdom, at the Scientific and Technological Pole this afternoon.


3D printing will allow the customized design of food

It is stated in a study of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence conducted by the Ministry of Science and Arcor to gather information about the state-of –the-art of such technology in relation to food production.

Dissemination | Exhibitions and Events

Cultural Center Of Science (C3)

The C3 is a place that promotes culture and scientific thinking through science popularization activities and interactive experiences.


Winners of the INNOVAR 2014 were announced

The Minister of Science, Lino Barañao, presented today the prizes for the nine categories of the National Innovation Competition in Tecnopolis. $1 million was distributed in 51 prizes.


President inaugurated the Chaco Forest Biotechnology Centre

A credit of $ 14 million was granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation for completion of the work. It is dedicated to the research and plant species production to allow an increase in agricultural and forestry crops in the region in a sustainable manner.


From test tubes to genes, the story of an Argentinean scientific epic

Nora Bär tells in a new book the story of decoding, development and industrial production of human growth hormone that spanned more than three decades of the last century and is the story of two generations of Argentine scientists.


Google Science Fair awards were given

Matías Apablaza, 15 years old, native of Neuquén, developed a device that allows blind people identify colors. The president of the National Agency for Science and Technology Promotion was part of the jury.