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Barañao: "Knowledge is key for development"

Minister Lino Barañao discoursed on the role of education in the economy of the 21st century.


Agreement for cooperation on defense and safety technology entered into with an Italian firm

By means of an agreement entered into by and between the Ministry of Science and the Italian company Leonardo – Finmeccanica, Argentina and Italy are trying to promote a commercial link involving the safety and defense area.


Macri, Barañao and Vidal presented cooperation Strategic Projects in the public sector

The president of Argentina and the Minister of Science, together with the governor of Buenos Aires, presented a set of research and development transversal initiatives to improve the quality of life of the Argentines


Drones, allies of science and production

Created in the military industry, unmanned aerial vehicles –UAVs, also known as drones– are much more than tools used for fun. Implemented both for agriculture and disaster prevention, the services these airships render broaden the industry value chain and help specialists


Technology for better treatment of municipal solid waste

Minister of Science, Lino Barañao signed an agreement with the president of CEAMSE, Javier Coria, to promote jointly capabilities and innovative methodologies to provide technical assistance in environmental matters.


Winners of the 2015 edition of Houssay Houssay Trajectory and Jorge Sabato awards were announced.

The award organized by the Ministry of Science recognizes Argentine scientists and technologists who developed much of their scientific areas in the country.


Potsdam University will cooperate with the Ministry in the management of disaster risk

Science portfolio authorities welcomed representatives from the German higher education institution to advance in cooperation issues aimed at improving the access to scientific information under potential disaster risk scenarios.


The Ministry of Science finances design partnership projects

The initiative is aimed at fostering the integration of design as a strategic element for innovation and management. Projects can be submitted up to June 10, 2016.


The National Commission on Space Activities (CONAE) will be under the Ministry of Science

The National Executive Branch stipulated that the CONAE should be under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.


Barañao and Giorgi inaugurated the 1st. South American Congress on Semiconductors

The meeting brought together experts and industry representatives to discuss the challenges facing the electronics industry in the future.