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Info Sepp No. 9

1. A Federal Plan in Science, Technology and Innovation. 2. IXD: Researchers for Argentine development. 3. Innovate to include: a new space in Te...

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Info Sepp No. 8

1. Environment and climate change. A priority of the innovation policy. 2. Design as added value. 3. Strengthening of the capacities of technolog...

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Info Sepp No. 7

1. Presentation of the National Plan of Science, Technology and Innovation. 2.Added value: Regulations on Technology Transfer and Intellectual Prope...

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Info Sepp No. 6

1. Presentation of the National Plan of Science, Technology and Innovation. 2. International Symposium on Argentinean Bioeconomy 2013. Biomass. Inn...

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Info Sepp No. 5

1. Innovation + Production. Argentine added value 2. Seminar on translational medicine 3. Management Centre of innovation and knowledge 4. Stre...

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Info Sepp No. 4

1. Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development. 2. Tenth edition of the National Week of Science and Technology. 3. The CTI Natio...

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Info Sepp No. 3

1. Participatory Creation of public policies in science, technology and innovation. 2. Argentina Innovadora 2020: National Plan for Science, Technolo...

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Info Sepp No. 2

1. Innovation: the way to a more developed and fairer country 2. Technological prospective: a long-term strategic view 3. Learn natural sciences and...

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Info Sepp No.1

1. Targeted Policies: a new approach to promote innovation and inclusion  2. Boost to the development of the dairy chain  3. Programme to increas...