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3D printing will allow the customized design of food

It is stated in a study of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence conducted by the Ministry of Science and Arcor to gather information about the state-of –the-art of such technology in relation to food production.


Barañao y Giorgi strengthen the joint work on science, technology and industry

Through a framework agreement, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Industry and the INTI signed an agreement to increase the competitiveness of the Argentine industry.

Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Regional Technological Innovation Fund (FTIR)

The Regional Technological Innovation Funds (FTIR) are the central instrument of Argentine Sector Fund (FONARSEC) to support the innovation generation and the capabilities to innovate which are critical to the development of sectors and targeted strategic socio-productive cores (NSPE).

Actions | International Cooperation

CCAFST - Argentine-Chinese Center in Food Science and Technology

The center seeks to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Argentina and China in the field of food science and technology, with special emphasis on the development of agrifood, biotechnology, nanotechnology, industry with high level of education, sustainable production and energy.

Legislation | Law

Law 25856

It states that the software production activity should be considered as a productive activity comparable to transform an industrial activity, the effects of perceived tax benefits, credit and otherwise.