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Funding | Call in Assessment

Semilla CUAA 2014 Call

The Binational Programme to Strengthen Argentine -German Interuniversity Networks of the Argentine German University Center (CUAA - DAHZ) opened the call for inter-university partnership projects between Argentine and German universities for the creation of binational dual degrees and postgraduate degrees.

Funding | Open Call

I.DEAR CUAA 2014 Call

The bilateral programme of funding from the Argentine - German University Center (CUAA - DAHZ) opens the call for submission of application forms to exchange projects for engineering undergraduate degrees in Argentina and degree or master degree in Germany.tion.

Calendar | Trips
From 19.12.2013 at 09:00h until 20.12.2013

Sixth Meeting of the Funding Agencies for the CTA International Project

The Secretary of the Department of Scientific and Technological Articulation, Alejandro Ceccatto will travel to Germany to attend the Sixth Meeting of the Funding Agencies for the CTA project, to be held at the headquarters of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (NMBF), Bonn, Germany.

Calendar | Tender Closure
From 28.02.2014

MINCyT – CONICET – DFG Cooperation Programme 2013 Closing

On February 22 is the deadline for the submission of applications for three-year joint research projects with German research groups.

Funding | Call in Assessment

MINCyT – CONICET – DFG 2013 Cooperation Programme

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) called for applications for three-year research projects prepared jointly with German research groups, funded by the German Society of Sciences (DFG) within the frame of the Research Grant programme.

Calendar | Hearings
From 30.09.2013 at 15:00h

Hearing with Deputy Foreign Minister of Germany, Cornelia Pieper

The minister of Science will receive the international visit of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Germany, Cornelia Pieper.


Barañao Received Authorities from Germany

The Ministry of Science met the Associate Minister of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Germany, Cornelia Pieper; and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Argentina, Bernhard Graf von Waldersee, and other officers from the central European country for reviewing joint actions and promoting new cooperation.


Barañao reinforces bilateral cooperation in science and technology with Germany

The Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao leads an official mission to Germany to strengthen joint research work between both countries. The Minister met in Berlin with the Minister of Education and Science and tomorrow will visit the facilities of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, in Heidelberg.