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The National Agency for Science and Technology Promotion is in Tecnópolis

The main government body promoting science, technology and innovation in Argentina offers information about lines of funding for the productive sector.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

Biologists discovered why sea lions remain at Mar del Plata and Necochea ports

A team of biologists from the University of Mar del Plata found out that sea lions remain at the seashore of such ports to mature and gain experience for the reproductive seasonreproductiva.

Sample Cases | Metropolitan Region

National Vaccine against the Whooping Cough

A group of researchers from the National University of La Plata developed a vaccine for controlling a disease known as “whooping cough”. Such vaccine is part of our National Vaccine Calendar

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

An inter-party productive circuit to build Alamo wood houses strengthens productivity in Villa Paranacito

The initiative promotes the building of houses of alamo wood to strengthen the productivity of the area. In Villa Paranacito, province of Entre Ríos, five houses were built which received the certificate of technical aptitude and were delivered to low income families of the area.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

Argentine scientists succeed in inhibiting in vitro a key aspect of the neurodegenerative process of Parkinson’s disease

A research team in structural neurobiology succeeded in elucidating a key aspect related to the degenerative process of the neurons in Parkinson’s disease. This finding sets the ground for scientists to work in the design of drugs which may be registered as patents in our country.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

High temperatures and waste thrown in the Chascomus Lagoon disturb the reproduction of the silverside

Scientists specialized in fresh water species discovered that the increase in temperature in the Chascomus Lagoon and certain sewer waste alter the silverside’s reproduction.

Sample Cases | Patagonia Region

A monitoring system enables sustainable fishing in the San Matías Gulf

The initiative controls fishing activity in the San Matías Gulf. One of the main achievements was the development of a trawl apparatus which makes it possible to reduce 56.7 % in the capture of young hake specimens. It also implemented an information and monitoring system unique un South America.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

A gen to fight drought

A group of researchers and scholarship holders of the National University of Litoral in the province of Santa Fe, found the way to generate plants that can endure water and saline stress.

Publications | Reports

Production and productivity of researchers

This document is the result of a work that carries out a first analysis of the scientific production of a group of researchers who have been beneficia...

Financing tools | Human Resources

ITC Scholarship

ICT is a tool of the Fund for Scientific and Technological Research (FONCyT) aimed at strengthening human resources applied to the ICT sector.