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The Commission for Scientific Research will implement evaluation processes and organizational improvement

The technological scientific agency of the province of Buenos Aires, joined the Institutional Assessment Programme for the continuous improvement of its performance.

Actions | System Strengthening

Evaluation and Strengthening of Science, Technology and Innovation Programmes

This is an initiative that promotes the strengthening of science, technology and innovation programmes through processes of review and reformulation of intervention and management strategies.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0813

Resolution establishing the National Programme for Evaluation and Strengthening of Science, Technology and Innovation Programmes.

Actions | Information Resources

PDTS - Bank of Technological and Social Development Projects

El Banco de Proyectos de Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (PDTS) agrupa proyectos de desarrollo tecnológico y social orientados a aprovechar oportunidades estratégicas y necesidades sociales o de mercado.

Actions | System Strengthening

PEI- Institutional Evaluation Programme

The initiative promotes and manages the ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement of the institutions within the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI).