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Technology for better treatment of municipal solid waste

Minister of Science, Lino Barañao signed an agreement with the president of CEAMSE, Javier Coria, to promote jointly capabilities and innovative methodologies to provide technical assistance in environmental matters.


Science provides funding for water access project

The initiative will be developed between the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, the National University of Quilmes and supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Total cost of the project is $ 6,605,000.

Sample Cases | Argentinean Northwest region

First Waste Treatment Plant for Forestry Wastes in Argentina

In Santa Ana, 45 km away from the city of Posadas, Misiones, is located the first pyrolysis plant in Argentina, which turns sawdust into bio-coal, fertilizers and bio-oils, thus avoiding wastes to endanger the environment.

Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Regional Technological Innovation Fund (FTIR)

The Regional Technological Innovation Funds (FTIR) are the central instrument of Argentine Sector Fund (FONARSEC) to support the innovation generation and the capabilities to innovate which are critical to the development of sectors and targeted strategic socio-productive cores (NSPE).

Publications | Newsletters

Info Sepp No. 8

1. Environment and climate change. A priority of the innovation policy. 2. Design as added value. 3. Strengthening of the capacities of technolog...

Financing tools | R&D

ANR Cleaner Production

ANR cleaner production is a tool of the Argentinean Technology Fund (FONTAR) aimed at funding technological development projects seeking cleaner production or a lesser impact on the environment.