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Financing tools | Productive, Social and Technological Innovation

Regional Technological Innovation Fund (FTIR)

The Regional Technological Innovation Funds (FTIR) are the central instrument of Argentine Sector Fund (FONARSEC) to support the innovation generation and the capabilities to innovate which are critical to the development of sectors and targeted strategic socio-productive cores (NSPE).


Science will fund projects to help diversify the national energy matrix

Through funding five projects, the ministry of Science promotes the development of domestic technology for the use of alternative energy.


Millionaire subsidy for manufacturing components for wind turbines

Authorities from the Science portfolio and members of the public-private consortium in charge of the management of the project signed the agreement for its execution.


A pilot plant of high power wind turbine towers will be installed in Santa Fe

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, will grant a millionaire subsidy for the installation of a pilot plant of high power wind turbine towers.

Sample Cases | Argentinean Northwest region

Solar Cookers and Nourishing Flour in Jujuy

A group of people in Tilcara, province of Jujuy, developed a project to manufacture solar cookers as a sustainable alternative and recovered millennial crops to produce flour of recognized nourishing value

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0153

Creation of the Energy Sector Technology (CTS-Energy).

Financing tools | R&D

FS - Sector Funds

FS - Sector Funds is an instrument of the Argentinean Sector Fund (FONARSEC) which promotes very large-scale consortium and associated projects which have overcome the early stage of research and are designed to generate, adapt and transfer high-impact production and social knowledge.