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Resolution 0122

Creation of the Programme for the Promotion of Entrepreneur Investment in Technology (PROFIET).

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Info Sepp No. 2

1. Innovation: the way to a more developed and fairer country 2. Technological prospective: a long-term strategic view 3. Learn natural sciences and...

Financing tools | Entrepreneurship

PROFIET - Programme for the Promotion of Entrepeneur Investment in Technology

PROFIET is a tool of the Under Secretariat of Administrative Coordination which promotes the investment of venture capital aimed at the creation of companies based on technology or to R & D projects of existing companies.

Financing tools | Entrepreneurship

Empretecno - EBT (Technology-Based Companies)

Empretecno - EBT is a tool of the Argentinean Sector Fund (FONARSEC) aimed at supporting the development of undertakings with high technological intensity which generate sustained growth through the diversification of exports and the increase in the added value of production.