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Xu Xing, the palaeontologist who revolutionized the way of looking at dinosaurs.

The Chinese researcher who has discovered more than 60 species gave a talk to over 300 people during this weekend at the Cultural Centre of Science

Dissemination | Exhibitions and Events

Cultural Center Of Science (C3)

The C3 is a place that promotes culture and scientific thinking through science popularization activities and interactive experiences.

Actions | International Cooperation

Argentinean Associate Membership to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

This association membership aims to promote scientific capacity-building through education and training of Argentine researchers, granting preferential access to EMBL facilities and services, and through encouraging collaboration in research and in various other fields related to the activities of the Laboratory.


Research and technological development projects were presented at the International Design Center "Tomás Maldonado"

It was held during a meeting between the persons responsible for the projects resulting from the first activity of the Italian and Argentine center and authorities of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion. The meeting was attended by Águeda Menvielle.


Scientific Cooperation between Argentina and Europe

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Productive Innovation and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory will work together for the development of the so-called life sciences.