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New plenary of the Risk Management Working Group

Authorities of the agencies making up the commission met to continue the institutional articulation and define the agenda for this year.


The first CICyT meeting was held

Representatives of the scientific bodies of the country held the first monthly meeting in order to draw up the 2014 agenda.


The CICyT ended the year with significant advances

The body that brings together all bodies for science and technology in the country, held the last meeting of the year.


CONICET will Contribute Technicians for Adjusting Instruments

Technicians and support personnel will be assigned to adjusting and maintenance of instruments purchased through National Systems.

Sample Cases | Metropolitan Region

A National Network to Improve the Use of Microscopes

The National Microscopy System (Sistema Nacional de Microscopía, SNM) is a network comprising the Argentine largest microscopes used for the activity of research, which have been purchased with public funds

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0319

Rules of Operation of the Interagency Council on Science and Technology (CICYT). Description of the sessions, authorities, decision-making and other aspects related to the activity of the organism.