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Estela de Carlotto: “I didn’t want to die without hugging him”

The leader of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo announced the recovery of his grandson Guido and thanked the work of the National DNA Data Bank in the search and analysis of genetic information for the restitution of identity.


Victor Penchaszadeh was declared distinguished personality of science

So was declared the medical geneticist by the Buenos Aires Legislature. Dr. El Dr. Penchaszadeh played a central role in the creation of the National DNA Data Bank (BNDG).


Sea data portal is launched

This tool will allow consulting Argentine sea information and optimizing research efforts.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0245

Creation of the National System of Biological Data.

Actions | Information Resources

SNDB Website – National System of Biological Data

Es un portal que permite el acceso a la información de las colecciones biológicas, y otras fuentes de datos, a los organismos e instituciones que integran el Sistema Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (SNCTI). De esta manera da respuesta a la necesidad de generar una red nacional de datos unificada de información biológica.

Financing tools | Infrastructure and Equipment

Strenghtening in the Database of the National Systems

Strengthening in the databases of the National System is a tool of the Under Secretariat of Institutional Coordination aimed at funding additional equipment in order to improve visibility of and accessibility to the databases of the institutions adhered to the program.