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The Minister of Science met the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom

Dr. Lino Barañao, responsible for the scientific portfolio, received Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, the newly appointed ambassador to the United Kingdom, at the Scientific and Technological Pole this afternoon.


Barañao gave Awards for Work on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

The Advisory Commission on Biodiversity and Sustainability recognised outstanding projects and people for their contributions to this area.


A single form to extract scientific samples in the provinces is proposed

This form would facilitate the acquisition of permits to conduct scientific surveys in provincial territories.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

An inter-party productive circuit to build Alamo wood houses strengthens productivity in Villa Paranacito

The initiative promotes the building of houses of alamo wood to strengthen the productivity of the area. In Villa Paranacito, province of Entre Ríos, five houses were built which received the certificate of technical aptitude and were delivered to low income families of the area.

Sample Cases | Pampeana Region

High temperatures and waste thrown in the Chascomus Lagoon disturb the reproduction of the silverside

Scientists specialized in fresh water species discovered that the increase in temperature in the Chascomus Lagoon and certain sewer waste alter the silverside’s reproduction.

Dissemination | Prizes and Competitions

Tribute to Biodiversity and Sustaintability-Related Scientists

It is a series of tributes which aims to recognize the work of outstanding scientists for their work in the field of Biodiversity and Sustainability.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0459

Resolution creating tributes to scientists in work related to biodiversity and sustainability.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0577

Creation of the Fidel Antonio Roig Award.

Dissemination | Prizes and Competitions

Fidel Antonio Roig Award

The Fidel Antonio Roig Award is a contest created to recognize the intrinsic value of biodiversity, its importance for humanity and its relevance as an object of scientific study.

Legislation | Resolution

Resolution 0088

Creation of the Advisory Commission on Biodiversity and Sustainability