The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation issues publications aimed at both the general public and specialized audiences. Through these publications, surveys, diagnostics and prospective analysis, among other relevant documents are released.

Publications promoting the approach and understanding of the meaning of science, technology and innovation linked to social and economic development of the country and its impact on everyday life.


  • Information and Communication Technologies in Argentina
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Argentina Information and Communication Technologies in Argentina

    This brochure aims at describing the favorable situation of the ICT Sector in Argentina, both in the productive sector and in the scientific system. It especially seeks to highlight the diversity and added value of the sector, as well as the progress being made in positioning Argentina as a leader in this area among non-central countries.

    Area: Foundation "Dr. Manuel Sadosky"

    Theme: ICT

    Year: 2013

    Tags ICT - Sadosky Foundation

  • Scientific and technological production in ICT
  • Banner comodín Scientific and technological production in ICT

    In this work an analysis is made of scientific and technological production related to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), both at world level and Argentina.

    For that purpose, ICT publications and patents detected in different sources of information were studied. In the case of publications, those analyzed are that in the index of the Web of Science version of the Science Citation Index. As regards patents, those published in accordance with the Patents Collaboration Treaty (PCT) were considered. In both cases search strategies were defined which allowed for the identification of documents related to TIC, in order to elaborate a group of indicators which provide information on the dynamics of production at world and Latin American level, and of Argentina.

    These indicators show the main producing countries, the tendencies in international collaboration, and, in the Argentine case, the network of the main disciplines of the publications, the network of institutions which published jointly, and the technological areas of patents held by nationals, among others.




    Area: Department of Planning and Policy on Science, Technology and Productive Innovation

    Theme: ICT

    Year: 2012

    Tags ICT

  • Statistical Bulletin of Technology (BET): ICT
  • Boletín Estadístico Tecnológico (bet): TIC Statistical Bulletin of Technology (BET): ICT

    As in the previous issue, the newsletter is divided into two parts. The first includes a description of the sector, a set of statistics that reflect recent developments in terms of sales, production, employment and trade balance, and an identification of the different public and private actors involved in it. The second part focuses on the innovative nature of the sector under study, presenting an analysis of the copyrights registered in the National Copyright Directorate and an identification of potential technologies, through sector prospective study "2020: Scenarios and strategies in Science, Technology and Innovation ", conducted by the Under Secretary of Studies and Prospective.


    Area: National Directorate of Scientific Information

    Theme: ICT

    Year: 2009

    Tags BET - ICT

  • White Paper of ICT Prospective. 2020 Project
  • libro_libro_blanco_de_la_prospectiva_tic White Paper of ICT Prospective. 2020 Project

    The White Paper of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the result of a collective effort of the community of technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs from Argentina in this strategic area for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, aimed at defining its future and the opportunities it presents for the country. The work, which focuses primarily on software and computer services, was conducted through a virtual forum organized by the Ministry since its creation, in late 2007. It has involved more than 200 people, relevant characters from industry, government and academy. As a result of the initial discussions of the Virtual Forum, in 2008, 19 working groups were organized to discuss the main aspects of the ICT problem. In particular, the groups tried to identify technologies and application and business areas that should be primarily promoted in Argentina in the coming years. Each group produced a document, which was discussed by the other participants in the forum. The book presented here is the result of the integration of this effort.

    Area: National Directorate of Studies

    Theme: ICT

    Year: 2009