The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation issues publications aimed at both the general public and specialized audiences. Through these publications, surveys, diagnostics and prospective analysis, among other relevant documents are released.

Publications promoting the approach and understanding of the meaning of science, technology and innovation linked to social and economic development of the country and its impact on everyday life.


  • Statistical Bulletin of Technology (BET): Agrifood
  • Boletín Estadístico Tecnológico (bet): Agroalimentos Statistical Bulletin of Technology (BET): Agrifood

    The purpose of this bulletin is to inform society about the scientific and technological advances in those areas that the Ministry has identified as priorities, including Agribusiness. This first issue will focus on the area of ​​Agrifood, belonging to the mentioned sector, in order to encourage, promote and strengthen the generation and use of knowledge for society.

    Area: National Directorate of Scientific Information

    Theme: Agroindustry

    Year: 2008

    Tags Agrifood

  • Trends and scenarios of innovation in the food and agricultural...
  • libro_tendencias_y_escenarios Trends and scenarios of innovation in the food and agricultural sector. 2020 Project: scenarios and strategies in science, technology and innovation

    Through an extensive process of consultation with experts, there was an analysis carried out about trends in world trade and the opportunities it offers for Argentina, the future of technologies in various areas (food industry and biotechnology among others), and the future of certain agro-industry chains. The ones that were also analyzed were the areas known as uncertainty areas, such as the expected future demand from Asian countries, especially China and India, the future of biofuels and the possibilities of the Mercosur as destination of the agro-industrial production of Argentina.

    Area: National Directorate of Studies

    Theme: Agroindustry

    Year: 2009

    Tags Prospective