Winners of the 2015 edition of Houssay Houssay Trajectory and Jorge Sabato awards were announced.

The award organized by the Ministry of Science recognizes Argentine scientists and technologists who developed much of their scientific areas in the country.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation, through the National Program of Popularization of Science and Innovation, selected the winners of the 2015 edition of Houssay Houssay Trajectory and Jorge Sabato Awards. There are nine Argentine researchers from different areas who were recognized for their work on scientific and technological sector. The list of winners was released today by resolution 423/2016 published in the Official Gazette.

"Through these awards the Argentine state is the one that distinguishes and honours outstanding individuals of the scientific-technological system" Barañao stated

The award seeks to promote and prioritize the national research community, recognizing those who throughout their career have contributed significantly in four major areas of knowledge covering different disciplines: Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine; Earth Sciences, Water, Atmospheric and Astronomy; Human Sciences; Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science.

In this context, the Houssay Prize is aimed at researchers under 45 years old; Premio Houssay Trayectoria; over 45 years old; and Jorge Sabato Prize honours researchers who excelled in transfer and technological developments with economic and productive impact on critical sectors critical for the country's growth.

"Through these awards is the Argentine state that distinguishes and honours outstanding individuals of the scientific and technological system," said Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao, who emphasized that the jury is composed of outstanding national scientists. "This award is very important for the management of our scientific political practice, because it highlights the essential role that science and technology have in the country's development," added the Minister.

In this respect, Barañao considered that “when the State values the production of knowledge and distinguishes a group of truly outstanding investigators, not only with these types of awards but also with investments and infrastructure it supports efforts to strengthen a long term policy that at the same time will promote scientific vocation.”

The four scientists recognized by the 2015 "Houssay Awards" are: Dr. Paula Casati  for the potential of their work to contribute to improving the yields of agricultural crops, from studies of physiology and metabolism of plants, resulting from great economic significance; Dr. César Bertucci  who developed several investigations related to planetary plasmas, was leading working groups at NASA and ESA linked to planetary missions, and in recent years has worked on the interactions of the magnetic fields of Titan with Saturn and the Sun; Dr. Ezequiel Adamovsky for its excellent production in the field of European history of great international impact, and focusing on ethnic and racial aspects of class identities; and Dr. Vera Alejandra Álvarez  for his prolific scientific production focused on the study of polymer matrix composites.

The winners of this category will receive $35.000, a medal and a diploma.

Meanwhile, the "Awards Houssay Trajectory" went to four researchers: Dr. Ricardo Esteban Gurtler for his outstanding work in the fields of ecology and epidemiology through research focused on the control of vector-borne diseases such as Chagas and Dengue; Dr. Luis Antonio Spalletti, for his work associated with sedimentary basins across the country, especially the sedimentary evolution of the Neuquen Basin; Dr. Jorge Eugenio Dotti, with outstanding educational work in the generation of human resources and a recognized scientific production, abounding articles published in national and international journals of great prestige; and finally, Doctor Noemí Elisabet Zaritzky who undertook the food engineering developments have resulted in five patents, three software development and 70 service actions, consulting and transfer to the productive sector.

The four winners of this category will receive $ 50,000, a medal and a diploma. It is noteworthy that these four winners will be selected Investigator of Argentine Nation 2015.

Finally, the "Jorge Sabato Award" was awarded to Dr. Hugo Gramajo, a leading researcher in the use of bacteria and yeasts to produce lipids sustainably useful in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, and also potentially as sustainable biofuels, who will receive $ 50,000, a medal and a diploma.

The winners in all categories were selected by evaluation committees for each area of knowledge composed of members of recognized background, and as a last resort by a commission of the distinction made by the Ministers of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Lino Barañao; Education and Sports, Mr. Esteban Bullrich.; and the head of the National Programme for the Popularization of Science and Innovation, Dr. Diego Golombek.

For the evaluation of applicants, the contributions developed in Argentina in the production of new knowledge; social and productive impact of technological innovations; training human resources and knowledge transfer were taken into account.


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