The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website

The site aims to disseminate the progress made under this strategic research project and publicize the wealth and possibilities of our Argentine Sea.

The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website

The SB-15 "Tango" salvage ship of the Argentine Naval Prefecture in the Ushuaia Bay.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation presents the Pampa Azul website, the inter-ministerial strategic initiative that conducts research in the Argentine Sea to deepen scientific knowledge as a basis for the conservation and management of natural resources. It was created as a dynamic and modern website, aimed at both the scientific community and the public in general. To visit the website click on www.pampazul.mincyt.gob.ar.

The purposes of the website are, among others, to disseminate oceanographic campaigns within the framework of Pampa Azul; share information and content related to the topic; encourage scientific vocations and arouse interest in the young in careers related to the sea; and generate a meeting between journalists, scientists, national and international organizations and population.

A short text and video animation simply explaining the purposes of Pampa Azul can be read in the Home site. It also has a map illustrating the priority areas outlined by the initiative and the research vessels participating therein. The site also has ten tabs dedicated to different sections.
The first is "About Us", where public and private organizations that make up the initiative and support scientific research in the Argentine Sea are detailed.

Meanwhile, the "Ships" section offers a list of vessels participating in the project. Through comprehensive infographics, detailed information about each ship is provided: body to which it belongs, equipment on board, size, country of origin, project in which it is involved and crew.

Also, the "Labs" section provides a brief historical development, describes types of projects, and refers to the personnel involved and their relation to Pampa Azul.
The section is completed with a gallery of pictures from each laboratory.

In "Information" articles related to the subject, such as the mother document of the initiative and information about the wildlife that inhabits the priority areas of study are available.

The "Multimedia" section provides, a large photo gallery of both ships and campaigns and species that can be found in our Argentine Sea.
On the other hand, a series of videos about onboard experiences is exhibited, where the actors explain the scope of Pampa Azul or refer to scientific vocations, among others.

In order to encourage scientific vocations a section entitled "All sciences" was created,a section where you can find upcoming animated videos on each of the disciplines involved in the initiative and its contribution to Pampa Azul.

As a new feature, in the "Travel Journal" section small fictional stories are narrated about situations at sea as a logbook.
In "Agenda", activities related to the initiative, whether campaigns, school visits to ships, lectures, meetings and seminars are disseminated.
The "News" section presents institutional news and progress in oceanographic campaigns. Finally, the "Glossary" section provides a dictionary with the scientific vocabulary related to the topic, explained in a simple language accessible to everybody.

The initiative will promote technological innovations applicable to the sustainable exploitation of natural resources and the development of industries related to the sea, strengthening Argentina maritime conscious, supporting with data and scientific presence our sovereignty in the South Atlantic. Pampa Azul provides for a 10-year line of work and outlines interdisciplinary scientific surveys covering five areas identified as priorities, using traditional platforms such as oceanographic vessels and unmanned underwater vehicles; technological development in remote sensors and other methods for environmental monitoring, management and resource protection by automated in- situ and satellite records; and development of capacities to build and maintain databases with continuous and public records. Priority areas comprising the initiative are: Burdwood-Namuncurá Bank; the Blue Hole on the continental slope; the San Jorge Gulf; sub-Antarctic zones, including the maritime spaces of South Georgia and South Sandwich islands and the River Plate estuaries.

Pampa Azul is coordinated by the Ministry of Science Technology and Productive Innovation through the Science and Technology Cabinet (GACTEC). the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship; the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; the Ministry of Tourism; the Ministries of Defense and Security; and the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Other institutions involved in the project are the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET); the National Antarctic Directorate (DNA); the National Space Activities Commission (CONAE ); the National Institute of Fishing Development (INIDEP); the Naval Hydrographic Service (SHN); the Naval Prefecture Argentina; the Austral Center for Scientific Research (CADIC - CONICET); the National Patagonian Center (CENPAT -CONICET); the Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO-CONICET/UNS); the Marine and Coastal Research Institute (IIMyC -CONICET); the Research Center of Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (CIMA-CONICET/UBA); the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Biology Almirante Storni (UNCO); the National University of Comahue; the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco; the National University of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands; the National University of Southern Patagonia; the National University of Mar del Plata; the National University of the South; the National University of La Plata and the University of Buenos Aires.

Scientific and Technological Cabinet (GACTEC)
  • The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website
  • The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website
  • The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website
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The Pampa Azul initiative launches its website

The SB-15 "Tango" salvage ship of the Argentine Naval Prefecture in the Ushuaia Bay.

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