The National Plan of Science, Technology and Innovation was Presented in Mendoza

The Head of the Department of Planning and Policy, Dr. Ruth Ladenheim, visited the province for presenting an instrument with the most important guidelines for the policy on science, technology, and innovation in our country for the next years.

The National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan was Presented in Mendoza

This morning, the secretary of the Department of Planning and Policy of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Dr. Ruth Ladenheim presented at the Cultural Space Julio Le Parc, the “National Plan of Science, Technology and Innovation, Innovative Argentina 2020". The Minister of Agroindustry and Technology from Mendoza, Marcelo Barg, and the Subsecretary of Industry and Technology of province, Martín Hinojosa participated in the opening event. Martín Hinojosa.

On her turn, Dr. In her speech, Dr. Ladenheim asserted that “the policy on science and technology is another link in the chain of management of public policies in a National State that leads the change of productive matrix towards development promoting inclusion.” Ladenheim also announced the creation of a "permanent territorial unit for surveillance of technology, together with the University of Cuyo, for the region to have a technological antenna that will allow following, researching and exchanging information about innovations and tendencies all over the world."

During this event, a business-technology round table was organised. In that respect, such officer expressed: “These are open spaces where representatives of the productive sector will find ways to cooperate and perform projects with researchers and technologist, having the state as agent of change, as it implements a policy that promotes the productive and scientific sectors. A stronger production with higher knowledge that promotes the creation of more qualified employment and this strengthens democracy and allows a more equitable distribution of wealth”.

On her turn, Dr. Mr. Barg asserted that “strengthening of our productive matrix has to do undoubtedly with technology development and this province has a high potential. We are proud of our technology-based companies, and these round tables are an essential element for networking between companies and the national technological system with the National State as the engine driving such networks.” He also estimated that “the presentation of the Innovative Argentina Plan in Mendoza and all the projects with which the Ministry of Science is working show the real federal stamp of Lino Barañao’s management of public policies on science and technology", he completed.

This Plan is an essential contribution for our current management and is the result of a set of actions that the Ministry has been taking since it was created in 2007, which give continuity to the growth and consolidation of areas and sectors deemed as strategic. Through this plan, we intend to promote productive and inclusive innovation, based on expansion, progress and strengthening of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System, thus allowing increasing competitiveness of our economy and improving the quality of our people’s lives, within a sustainable development framework.

In this framework, the Plan recognizes strategic socio-productive clusters (NSPE) with high potentials in the region of Cuyo. We may include bio-refineries, taking advantage of regional biomass, such as the wine industry wastes and the meat industry, sunflower, corn, and sorghum; the food processing field, the development of porcine products, and enriched flour. About the traditional livestock production, our Plan designs work strategies for the industrialization of bovine and porcine livestock and poultry. Finally, other policies in connection with the use of hydric resources and smart networks have been designed, establishing models and number simulations, as well as new materials and products for the development of the oil and gas industry.

In 2011, the amount of Research and Development (R+D) in this region of Cuyo increased to ARS 1,048,000,000.- This amount implied a 741% increase with respect to 2003, which slightly exceeded the total national increase rate, which was 673%.