The Horizon 2020 training courses started

The conference organized by the Argentine Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation with the European Union (ABEST) were presented by the experienced European Project Evaluator, Thomas Zadrozny, who explained the main guidelines of the Framework Programme of the European Union for the development of Research and Innovation.

The Horizon 2020 training courses started

Thomas Zadrozny at the Horizon 2020 training sessions.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation through the Directorate of International Relations launched today the Horizon 2020 training sessions. The ABEST general coordinator Ms. Monica Silenzi, was in charge of the opening together with Thomas Zadrozny, the expert in evaluation of research and development (R & D) projects before the European Commission, who presented the main guidelines of the programme. It is important to note that the Framework Programme is a funding instrument through which the EU supports the R & D, and various scientific disciplines. It encompasses the 2014-2020 period.

Today's activity was addressed to the ABEST staff, to the project managers and the institutional representatives from universities and research institutes, which sought to acquire the knowledge and tools required to participate in the opportunities for cooperation and funding of such programme.

During the session, Zadrozny explained the programme scope, new features compared to previous editions, what is funded and potential receivers. As a new feature, the programme will provide greater flexibility in the application procedures. In addition, he stressed out that the reimbursement system is simpler as well as the preparation and documentation, and up to 100 days will be granted from the presentation of the project. He stressed out that in this edition "Horizon 2020 proposes a change of mind", since the approach for project evaluation will be on the social aspect.

"Horizon 2020 proposes an inclusive approach open to new participants, including industry associations, NGOs. We from our place must attract and support them", Zadrozny said, "all the previous framework programmes conceived science and technology from a downward view so far, the science and technology towards society. Horizon 2020 wants to build upwards, from society to science and technology as a technology value chain. It relates to social appropriation of technology”.

Meanwhile, Silenzi stressed out that "the program involves international cooperation opportunities for multiple actors and sectors of our country, promoting sustainable development. There is a vision shared by Argentina and the European Union, where the priority is integrate and support the research and innovation".

The Framework Programme will focus on three main themes: science, to develop talent and support good ideas; industry leadership, to provide investment in technology to companies and SMEs, and social challenges, to provide resources to the concerns shared between Europe and the rest of the world.

Finally, the expert evaluator noted that "Argentina has no excuse for not participating as equals with other countries since Argentina is more advanced than Europe at certain points", coinciding with Silenzi who stressed out that "the country has the level of scientific excellence as required by these European programmes".

Argentine Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation with the European Union (ABEST) operates within the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCyT), through its National Directorate of International Relations and aims to establish a platform in Argentina to improve and expand technical cooperation activities in science, technology and innovation with the EU and the countries that comprise it. One of the main funding instruments promoted from the Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation is the Framework Programme (FP) managed by the Research and Development Directorate of the European Commission, wherein Argentina has participated since 1986.

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  • The Horizon 2020 training courses started
  • The Horizon 2020 training courses started
  • The Horizon 2020 training courses started
  • The Horizon 2020 training courses started
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The Horizon 2020 training courses started

Thomas Zadrozny at the Horizon 2020 training sessions.

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