CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties

Through a specific covenant, the “Globalization and Society” Mixed International Research Center will be created.

CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties

CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties

In an act conducted at the Board room of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), its chairman, doctor Alejandro Ceccatto, together with the rector of the University of Shanghai (SHU), doctor Luo Hongjie signed an agreement for the purposes of creating the “Globalization and Society” Mixed International Research Center (CIMI-GyS).

Both organisms will assign human resources and materials for such Center. On its part, the Council appoints the Labor Research and Studies Center (CEIL-CONICET), located in the Autonomous city of Buenos Aires, as an institutional venue of CIMI-GyS.

“We are aware that cooperation activities between Argentina and China in the field of the new Center we are creating already have a certain framework. With the creation of the research center, we are taking an important step between CONICET and the University of Shanghai. It is an honor for CONICET to enter into this covenant”, affirmed doctor Ceccatto.

As for doctor Luo Hongjie, he enhanced the importance of the covenant and that of Argentina as a counterpart, pointing out the benefits of “strengthening contact between young people from both countries, overcoming cultural differences and language barriers. Studies to be conducted in terms of labor relationships will strengthen the bilateral relationship between Argentina and China”.

In this context, doctor Dora Barrancos, member of the Board of the CONICET, highlighted the strategic importance of social sciences: “These are an inexorable and indivisible part of scientific cultures, and therefore, I believe that there will be a relevant opportunity to renew mutual understanding among our societies, apart from the mutual learning”.

In relation to the context within which falls the creation of the Center, doctor Guillermo Neiman, chairman of CEIL, remarked that this is a strategic and historical opportunity to understand present processes. “We know about the enlargement of globalization phenomena, but we also know about the tensions experienced in connection with such enlargement”. And he added: “The experience that we have at CEIL in terms of several issues such as those connected with labor, international affairs, those of culture and religion, matters connected with food and rural development, may serve as a contribution in this sense. This a significant challenge for CEIL and also for social sciences”.

The Center created as from this covenant is required to become a leading institution in terms of globalization and society matters in relation with the above issues, and will have a significant impact on Latin-America and China from an interdisciplinary perspective within the social sciences and in response to the needs of the society.

It should be noted that the CIMI-GyS is created on the basis of a framework agreement entered into in 2015 by and between CONICET and the University of Shanghai, and scientific cooperation activities developed by the CEIL and the Centre for Global Studies (CGS) of the above university. Within this cooperation, the interchange of doctorate and post-doctorate fellowships stands out, as well as the development of teaching-related activities on the part of CEIL researchers within the above university, and the participation in conferences and workdays.

The following participated in such initialization: Jinyang Zhu, Political Adviser for the Embassy of the Popular Republic of China in Argentina. On behalf of the University of Shanghai: Changgang Guo, director of the School of Graduates and professor for the University, and director of the Centre of Global Studies, counterpart of CEIL in the execution of the Covenant, Wanggen Wan, professor for the University, Jiacen Yao, professor for the University and director of the International Affairs Division of the University, and Kun Zhang, professor for the University. On behalf of CONICET: Fortunato Mallimaci, superior researcher for CONICET at CEIL, Nicolas Damin, post-doctorate fellow of the CEIL Council, and Patricia Maccagno, director of Projects and Covenants of the Management Office of Science and Technology Development.

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  • CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties
  • CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties
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CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties

CONICET and Shangai University strengthen ties

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