Barañao participated in the 2013 Sadosky Awards

Awards were given in four subjects: Human Resources, IT Industry, Technology and Innovation and Digital Inclusion.

Barañao participated in the 2013 Sadosky Awards

Barañao in the 2013 Sadosky Awards.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Mr. Lino Barañao, along with the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Mr. Carlos Tomada and the President of the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI) Jose Maria Louzao Andrade, participated yesterday in the 2013 Sadosky Awards Ceremony, held by the CESSI. The event was held in the Pavilion of the Ministry of Culture at Technopolis.

About the importance of promoting research, Mr. Barañao said “the science and technology new role is to generate jobs and substantially improve the quality of life". Making a difference between science today and what happened 30 years ago, he said that "today reality is very different and science aims to occupy the role it occupies in developed countries". He also assured that "one of the main drivers clearly identified of this cultural change is the Software Industry: the knowledge industry par excellence, the industry producing quality work".

Mr. Tomada stressed the importance of the Sadosky Awards because it is "one of the best expressions of the articulation between the public and private sectors". In this regard, he said that the role of the government and particularly of the Ministry of Labour is to "strengthen the articulation, generating shared spaces from employment policies ". At the end of his speech he added "we will continue to deepen the federalization of this joint job between the Ministry of Labour and the CESSI".

The CESSI president, José María Louzao Andrade said "we are here to reward the Argentina intelligence" and he stressed that "we must rethink the technological sovereignty as a Nation’s right and duty to dominate their technological means".

The Sadosky Awards to the Argentina Intelligence is an initiative developed by CESSI since 2005 which main objective is to reward those individuals that with their work contribute to the development and growth of the IT industry in Argentina.

- Human Resources - Award to the Quality and Innovation in Education: Master in Data Exploitation and Knowledge Discovery, University of Buenos Aires School of Exact and Natural Sciences (FCEyN);

- IT Industry - Information Entrepreneurship: Lander;

- IT Industry - IT Solution: SUACI – Unified System for Citizen Services, Hexacta;

- IT Industry - Business Trajectory - National Companies, Hexacta;

- IT Industry - Business Trajectory - Foreign Companies operating in Argentina, Intel Argentina;

- Technology and Innovation - Innovative Company: Denwa Technology;

- Technology and Innovation - Innovation Project: Visual Rehabilitation Device for patients with severe visual dysfunctions, SpectralTec

- Technology and Innovation - Collaborative Research Project Industry-Academy: Bioflux, from the Structural Bioinformatics Group of the FCEyN – UBA and Flux IT;

- Digital Inclusion: Shaping the Future, Grupo ASSA.

This year the "Training with Messi" project by the Leo Messi Foundation was distinguished with the Sadosky Community Award, a finalist project that received the majority of votes through social networks, and the "Projecto Nahual" by Nahual company, won the Gold Sadosky Award for being the main reference of Argentine technology industry of the year . Both belong to the Digital Inclusion category.

In addition, the “Copa Turing Juvenil e Infantil” award was given; a robotics competition for 6th and 7th grade students, a special mention was given to the press for their work in the ICT dissemination. Awards of the Hackathon Contest were also given, which honored the development of innovative educational applications for the Conectar Igualdad Programme.

The ceremony was also attended by the Secretary of Labor, Mr. Enrique Deibe; the Secretary of Industrial Strategic Planning, Mr. Horacio Cepeda , businesspeople, professionals and academics from the sector.

  • Barañao participated in the 2013 Sadosky Awards
  • Barañao participated in the 2013 Sadosky Awards
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Barañao participated in the 2013 Sadosky Awards

Barañao in the 2013 Sadosky Awards.

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