Barañao gave a talk in the Palermo K group

The Minister of Science gave a talk to neighbors of the Palermo neighborhood where he emphasized the initiatives and policies being implemented by the ministry under his charge.

Barañao gave a talk in the Palermo K group

Barañao in the Palermo K basic unit.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao, gave a talk to members and neighbors of Palermo in the premises of the Palermo K political group, where he outlined the initiatives being undertaken by the ministry of Science and achievements during his tenure. At the end of the talk, Barañao answered questions from the attendants.

At the beginning of the event, the Minister of Science, highlighted the importance of "moving towards an economic model where knowledge generates wealth, not only for the profitability it brings, but also because it is the most democratic manner to reach a fairer society". To this purpose, Barañao said "firstly, the educational level of population needs to be improved in order to access better jobs and, secondly, technology-based companies have to be promoted, which greatest assets are the human resources hired".

In this sense, the science minister said that to promote knowledge, "we must be able to couple that knowledge with productive activities improving the quality of life". In this sense, Barañao explained the various initiatives proposed by the science portfolio to promote the development of productive activities. Among these activities, Barañao highlighted the creation of Sector Funds to finance actions linking three potential technologies, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology to areas of social importance such as health, agriculture, industry, social development and environment.

Later, Barañao underlined the importance of planning the path upon which Argentine science should embark and explained how the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation "Innovative Argentina 2020" was devised with the strong imprint of federalization. "The 2020 Plan was thought from the socio cores of different regions of our country, in order to generate knowledge associated to a supply chain meeting local needs".

Among the initiatives, the science minister mentioned the creation of the National Programme for the Popularization of Science and Innovation aimed to promote scientific dissemination activities in order to contribute to the social appropriation of knowledge.

Finally, Barañao listed the initiatives carried out to raise scientific vocations such as the TEC TV channel, the Program.AR initiative, the Dale Aceptar contest, the Week of science, among others.

  • Barañao gave a talk in the Palermo K group
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Barañao gave a talk in the Palermo K group

Barañao in the Palermo K basic unit.

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