Argentina exhibition on international opportunities for ICT cooperation

During today’s program, at the ICT 2013 in Lithuania, networking sessions have been developed. On that occasion, B.Sc. Rosa Wachenchauzer, ABEST ICT Thematic Focal Point, presented the results from previous projects and ICT cooperation opportunities for the future. South Africa, China, Eastern Europe and Central Asia also participated in the event.

Argentina exhibition on international opportunities for ICT cooperation

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation through the National Directorate of International Relations and the Liaison Office Argentina- European Union (ABEST III) shall participate from November 6th to 8th in the ICT 2013 “Create, Connect and Grow”, which will be held in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. This event is organized by the European Commission (EC) every two years and is aimed at companies and projects that seek to promote their research, products and innovations in the field of information and communications technology (ICT ) .

In today's session, different networking sessions have been conducted with the participation of more than 5,000 participants and 180 stands. In that sessions, ALCUE NET  and AMERICAS/LEADERSHIP projects –in  which the Ministry of Science participates  as partner- presented the subject "Policy dialogue on emerging economies and developing countries for cooperation in ICT", included in the module "International cooperation: emerging economies." At the presentation made by B.Sc. Rosa Wachenchauzer, ABEST ICT Thematic Focal Point, with Yolanda Ursa, AMERICAS / LEADERSHIP project coordinator, the significance of international cooperation in the Latin America region was highlighted.  Participants of South Africa, China, Eastern Europe and Central Asia also participated in this event. Each one of them discussed the results of previous projects and ICT cooperation opportunities for the future.

On the one hand, B.Sc. Rosa Wachenchauzer highlighted the importance of our region in the political dialogue with Europe and on the other hand, the potential for joint research in areas of mutual interest. "Participating in this meeting served as an important showcase for the region and in particular for Argentina: many researchers and developers from around the world visited the stand to request contacts and learn about the projects. In addition, ICT 2013 served to strengthen relations with the European Union, "remarked Wachenchauzer.

The ALCUE NET (Research and Innovation Network European Union-Latin America and Caribbean) and the Liaison Offices of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico shall have stand called “EU-LAC Gateway on ICT cooperation /ALCUE  NET and Latin American Liaison Offices”​​. This space is coordinated by the Ministry of Science in order to promote regional capabilities and scientific and technological potential of Latin America while positioning the region as a strategic partner in Europe. It is worth mentioning that Argentina is the first Latin American country to coordinate international cooperation projects funded by the Framework Programme of the European Union.

Moreover, business meetings in which countries could find strategic project partners have been conducted today. Argentine companies seeking for opportunities to interact with companies, organizations and foreign universities have participated. These meetings will continue until tomorrow.

Besides, the Framework Programme of the European Union for Research and Innovation: Horizon 2020 was presented yesterday. In that opportunity, information on the new guidelines and basic concepts governing calls for new ICT area has been provided. Horizon 2020 is a funding instrument through which the European Union supports research and development activities (R & D) that comprises several scientific disciplines. The program will have a seven-year duration.

Att.  José María Louzao , SMEs Thematic Focal Point , Dr. Juan Edmundo Cousseau , on behalf of Tecnopolis del Sur ( public-private partnership ) , Dr. Gerardo Gabriel Gentiletti , Dean  of the School of Engineering of the National University of Entre Rios , and Eng. Diego Brengi , of  the Micro and Nanotechnology Centre of the  Bicentennial ( CMNB )  from  the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) have been part of the Argentine Delegation  that travelled to Lithuania. They were selected through a call for experts in the ICT area launched by the National Directorate of International Relations, of the Ministry of Science, with the aim of participating in European events in view of forming consortia in the framework of Horizon 2020.

It should be noted that our country shows  an intermediate / advanced development in ICT sector in international terms. According to the Index of ICT Development, Argentina ranked 56th out of a total of 152 countries surveyed as per ICT development (IDI for its acronym in English) in 2011.

The ICT sector in the country has grown without interruptions, to achieve a steady position among the high performance areas. This is evidenced in the evolution during the last decade of the annual sales in dollars of IT companies, broken down by hardware and supplies on the one hand, and software and computer services on the other hand.

The ICT 2013 is the most important ICT event and, with conferences, exhibitions, networking sessions, investment forums, business meetings, and other activities having been scheduled for this meeting.