Lino Barañao, Ph.D.

Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. He has an extensive career as a research scientist in Argentina, the U.S. and Germany, specializing in cell biology, reproductive physiology and animal biotechnology. In 2002 he participated in the team that succeeded in the creation of the first Ibero-American cloned calf, genetically altered to produce milk containing human growth hormone (hGH). From 2003 to 2007 he was president of the National Agency for Science and Technology. He is the first one to hold the position of Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation also holds the following positions:

President of the Federal Council for Science and Technology (COFECYT).

President of the Science and Technology Cabinet (GACTEC).

Member of the Management Council of the Argentinean Nanotechnology Foundation (FAN).

Member of the Advisory Commission on Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine.

Functions of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

The Ministry helps the Executive in everything related to science, technology and productive innovation. Its main function is to contribute, from these three elements, to the economic, social and cultural development of the Nation.

For this purpose, it defines policies on science, technology and innovation that enable the increment of the response capacity to productive and social problems that are priority for the country.

It articulates the resources and capacities of the institutions from the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI), achieving a more effective and caring group among its components. The Ministry also monitors the activities of the agencies for the promotion, regulation and performance in science, technology, and innovation.

It stimulates the work in science and technology, and disseminates its findings to establish the socioeconomic value of knowledge. It also promotes technology-based innovation and its incorporation into the productive culture of Argentinean companies. 

At local level, it is responsible for coordinating and agreeing both long and mid-term policies in those matters that are of common interest with other ministries. And internationally, it is involved in the development and creation of agreements of scientific and technological integration and cooperation.

Main objectives of the Ministry of Science

  • Deepen a productive and social development model based on the creation of value from knowledge.
  • Encourage the inclusion of researchers in the national production apparatus and the creation of productive conglomerates for the generation of knowledge-intensive goods and services.
  • Provide adequate infrastructure for the growth of science and technology nationwide.
  • Strengthen the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation. 
  • Federalize science, technology and innovation and promote a balanced transfer of their applications throughout the Argentinean territory.
  • Plan and promote training and availability of human resources in science, technology and innovation, in enough quality and quantity so as to meet the multiple knowledge demands that the nation requires.
  • Encourage the return of Argentinean scientists trained abroad and strengthen the bond with those with base in foreign institutions.
  • Insert Argentina's science, technology and innovation into the world.
  • Promote the dissemination of science, technology and innovation in Argentinean society.

Ceremonial and Protocol

The Ceremonial and Protocol Area assists the Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation in coordinating daily activities. It conducts the planning and organization of the agenda of the minister as regards meetings, trips and events in which he participates.

Federal Programme for Digital Terrestrial Television

The Federal Digital Terrestrial Television (“PROFETED” for its acronym in Spanish) seeks to spread the activities of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation to enhance the impact such actions generate on social and productive realities throughout the country.

National Programme for the Popularization of Science and Innovation

The National Programme for the Popularization of Science and Innovation seeks to deepen the approach of science and innovation to society in order to contribute to the social appropriation of knowledge and to form a responsible citizenship.

Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Press and Broadcast Programme

The program seeks to create and implement press and dissemination strategies of the activities and policies of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.




Private Secretary
Phone: (54-11) 4899-5000
Godoy Cruz 2320 (C1425FQD)
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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