Institutional Subsidies

Institutional Subsidies are a tool of the Under Secretariat of Institutional Coordination aimed at providing subsidies for functioning costs of non-for profit private institutions, acknowledged by this Ministry and its reporting Organisms.

The objective is to contribute with public funds to the support of non-for-profit private institutions dedicated to the development, management and administration of scientific and technological research in the country.

Institutional subsidies are aimed at covering the necessary functioning costs to enable the development, management and/or administration tasks of scientific and technological research (ICT) projects:

  • General services (electric power, phone, gas, cleaning, etc.) and central services (library, computers, etc.) justified in connection with research tasks and/or management or administration thereof.
  • Wages or services of administrative employees related to ICT activity or management and administration thereof.
  • Leasing and basic maintenance costs of the buildings
  • Customs duties and other costs related to scientific research materials not covered by the funding of ICT projects, not covered by exemptions.
  • Costs for the edition of advertising.

Beneficiary institutions are those which perform scientific and technological research (ICT) and those which manage and administer ICT projects financed by national and international organisms and which articulate the public National System of Science and Technology (Sistema Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) with productive and/or social demands.

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