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IBEROEKA Projects is an instrument to promote cooperation between companies and other entities of Latin American countries in the field of R + D + i.

IBEROEKA is an initiative created in 1991 as part of the Ibero-American Science and Technology for Development Program - CYTED. Its purposes are, among others:  to increase business productivity and competitiveness, strengthen collaboration between companies and research centers, develop projects based on new technologies, help companies to acquire a strong technology base and foster technological exchange.

Submission of IBEROEKA Projects for certification is made by permanent window. The project must be submitted to all IBEROEKA Management Bodies of all countries that, through their institutions, are part thereof.

Once a project is certified by the General Secretariat of CYTED as IBEROEKA project, funding is decentralized. Each country funds its companies in accordance with their own lines of credits and/or subsidies for innovation.

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