Associated Federal Projects for Productive Innovation – Associated Productive Chains (PFIP ESPRO)

The Associated PFIP ESPRO is an instrument from the Federal Council of Science and Technology (COFECyT) formed due to the interaction between the PROFECyT and different national productive sectors. This line has been created to approach science and technology to specific national production needs, always responding to a specific demand from productive sectors.

The purpose of the Associated PFIP-ESPRO is to provide higher competitiveness to provincial productive sectors. For such purpose, the aim is to increase technological innovation identified in one or more links in the value chain assigned as a priority by the National Production and Science and Technology authorities.

At the same time, we propose articulating the operation of different value chains based on the capitalization and leveraging of the effects deriving from exceeding technological innovation demands from a chain over the development of another.

Financial resources granted by the Ministry for such projects are non-refundable contributions. Such contributions may not exceed 60% or 75% of the total project cost, considering if they are provincial or inter-provincial projects, respectively.

Beneficiaries of this tool may be: Companies, holdings of companies and any entity with its own legal personality organized as such at the time of submitting the project. Such entities must be linked to a specific sector and should represent it.

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