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"Estudiar Computación" [“Let’s study computing”] is a website that collects and organizes all available information about careers in our country: which are the careers, what is the difference among them, where to study, what scholarships are available, etc.

It is an initiative of the Dr. Manuel Sadosky Foundation and is part of the “ICT Vocations Programme”, which aims at stimulating the interest of young people in careers related to information technology and communication (ICT).

This website aims to help young people discover opportunities and benefits that involves studying a career in ICT as well as it shows how interesting and varied is this field of study. Moreover, this website provides accurate and easy information about differences and similarities among different disciplines making up the world of computing, and the differences among the types of education (college and university). This portal has an interactive map to facilitate the search of careers as well as the search of universities and colleges in the country. It also has a section with testimonial videos addressing different life paths, the career development and the future perspective of those engaged in computer professions.

"Estudiar Computación" is aimed at the whole community of adolescents and young people interested in these careers so that they can solve doubts on this subject. It is also aimed at parents, teachers and/or guidance counselors who help young people in the career decision process.

Go to the website: Estudiar Computación.

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