National Directorate of International Relations

Cooperación científica
y tecnológica regional con América

Regional integration as regards science and technology takes the ??Mercosur as its main area and Latin America as the target. In this regard, the Ministry works on strengthening relationships with strategic partners on the continent and on cooperating with developing countries to reduce existing asymmetries.

Specialized Meeting on Science and Technology of the MERCOSUR (RECyT)

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela + Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru share a common science and technology area for the discussion and implementation of cooperative research, development and innovation activities, focused on solving MERCOSUR problems. 

As part of the RECyT there are actions promoted such as the MERCOSUR’s Science and Technology Award; Cinecien, the Scientific Film Festival of the MERCOSUR, the Biotech Programme and the Digital MERCOSUR Project, among others.

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First MERCOSUR platform of biotechnologies, created to establish a long-term shared vision for the development and application of new technologies in the region.

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MERCOSUR Science and Technology Award

The MERCOSUR Science and Technology Award highlights science and technology research oriented to the MERCOSUR and select the best works representing a potential contribution to science and technology development of the region.

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CINECIEN - Science Festival in Film and Video of MERCOSUR

CINECIEN is the science film and video festival of MERCOSUR dedicated to promote academic and research audiovisual works in all areas scientific knowledge, through creative and communication possibilities provided by the audiovisual media.

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Experiences and policies related to migration of scientists and technologists in the MERCOSUR

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