Closing of Innovation Projects, Development and Adoption of 3D Printing Technology.

The call for submission of projects of innovation, development and adoption of 3D printing technology is open until June 30.

From 30/06/2014

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, through the Ministry of Planning and Policy, and within the framework of the National Programme for Technology and Social Innovation, calls for the submission of Innovation Projects, Development and Adoption of 3D Printing Technology to be funded for the 2014 period.

The Ministry of Science aims to boost promotion and dissemination of 3D printing technology with the purpose of supporting technological innovation in the 3D printing ecosystem to improve the available supply, replace imported inputs and generate new applications associated with 3D printing technology and strengthen the development of new skills and the definition of new technical and professional profiles, from the adoption of equipment and processes to boost training in the use of a new technology package within the education sector.



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