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Bank of Technological and Social Development Projects (PDTS) - Acción
El Banco de Proyectos de Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (PDTS) agrupa proyectos de desarrollo tecnológico y social orientados a aprovechar oportunidades estratégicas y necesidades sociales o de mercado.

The Bank of Technological and Social Development Projects (PDTS) gathers technological and social development projects aimed at taking advantage of strategic opportunities and social or market needs.

The PDTS Bank is within the sphere of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. It is the result of the Document I of the MCTIP Consulting Committee which derives from the need to have a space for the PDTS within the National Bank of Projects. The reason for this is the new evaluation criteria for scientific and technological personnel, which seeks to establish a more balanced weighting between basic science and applied science with the goal of promoting research to be transformed into concrete developments, prototypes or products.

The researchers and technologists who participate, always through institutions of the national scientific system, will be evaluated in accordance with their level of participation and their progress. The Ministry of Science, through the Department of Scientific and Technological Articulation, has established a preliminary mechanism to conform PDTS lists: 

  • Each scientific-technological institution or university must promote a list of projects for the PDTS National Bank. They should have an institutional endorsement as  PDTS in order to be used in the call for Post-doctoral Internal Scholarships of the CONICET. 
  • The PDTS list must be sent to the Ministry of Science including the following information: a) the title or institutional denomination of the project; b) the project's area of knowledge; c) the director's name and surname; y d) the director's contact information (phone, email and/or postal). 

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