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OGA - Oficina Gemini Argentina
The Argentine Gemini Office is the local office of the Gemini Observatory, an international agreement wherein United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Chile are also parties. The OGA is responsible for managing applications from Argentinean astronomers to use observing time on the authorized telescopes.

Argentine Gemini Office (OGA) is an initiative of the Under Secretariat of Institutional Coordination. The Advisory Council is composed of representatives from the institutions users of this service.

The Gemini Observatory goal is to build, install, activate and operate two 8.1 meter diameter telescopes, one located in the northern hemisphere (Mauna Kea, Hawaii) and the other in the southern hemisphere (Cerro Pachon, Chile Norte Chico). The design, instrumentation and location of both telescopes are designed with the aim of achieving the best image quality from the Universe. In particular, the fact of having a telescope in each hemisphere, allows astronomers to observe almost the entire celestial sphere.

Argentine astronomers are eligible to apply for observing time in any of the instruments. Thus, many researchers submit semester to semester different observing projects competing with each other to ensure the measurement time. Observation time is granted to at least half of the projects, which shows the community interest and the need for this tool to compete internationally. The Republic of Argentina has 2.5% of the total time available for science in each telescope and the commitment will continue until the year 2015.

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